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Sunday, June 1, 2014

I Challenge You

When I created my web pages they were started in part to encourage the reading of scripture. Bible study is something that I believe we all should be involved in. There are many who profess to be Christian and will agree that it is important to read the Bible. However there are a great many who have only read verse to verse or certain sections while missing others. In order to get the full picture and really understand how the whole story comes together, the entire work needs to be read. If I only studied addition, how could I understand math? Yet many after reading only a portion of God’s Word go on to dismiss it, or worst still, they form a complete opinion after only briefly glancing at a small section. There are many plans that assist in the undertaking of the task, those that lay it out over the course of a year or so; but many have tried these only to loose interest, or are pulled away from the time commitment. For all who have found the task to be a challenge this just might be the solution.


Starting June 1st and continuing through August, there is a standing challenge going out to everyone… everywhere.

It has been done, not only by the creator of the challenge but others around the world. The fact is Ted Cooper Jr., a one time atheist and creator, found that his whole life changed after reading through the Bible in just 90 days. He even founded a ministry in order to help anyone complete the task. There are study guides, videos and other material which would aid individuals, groups, or whole congregational communities; available through the web site…


Even without the aids, the project is still a doable one. It requires twelve (12) pages a day but don’t focus on the amount of reading, instead think of the benefits. You can cover the whole Bible from cover to cover, and do it in 90 days. The reading could be all at once in the morning or evening or broken up and spread throughout the day. BibleGateway has even partnered in the challenge to make the reading passages available on line.


It will be summer soon and that means vacation season. School will take a break and most will set their minds to relaxing and having fun. Now there is nothing wrong with these activities but they speak of commitment to personal interest. I challenge you all to take an interest in the one thing that brings the life to do these things. Take an interest in the Word of God.



Even if you have read the Bible, a revisit wouldn't hurt. Just think of the person who has never done so; you could share the Word together and help them receive the message this summer for the first time. Join me in this reading, invite a friend and together we can unfold the truth of God's love. If you accept let me know in the comment box.



Evelyn said...

I accept this challenge. I am trying to get on a bible reading schedule and I feel this will motivate me to stick to it.

If I want to know more about God, then I need to get to know Him by reading and studying His Word everyday.

Thanks Matt!
God Bless!


Conrad said...

Well thanks for the follow too. I'm accepting the challenge although I've done reading the bible from cover to cover 15 years ago and it took me 2 to 3 years to finish reading the bible, but anyway it also changed my life and still improving. I'm going to challenge my community too.

May God continue to bless you and grant all you need.


Scott said...

I accept the challenge! I have read KJV, NLT and NIV and now reading NKJV Study Bible. But I will admit that my reading has been so slow that when I get half way through I have forgotten half of my previous reading. I think I will use NLT for this challenge as it is easy to follow/read.

keasley said...

I accepted the year challenge and it has taken me over three years. But I am determined to see it to the end. I agree that everyone needs to read the Bible for themselves to gain their own understanding. What is even more important is that they share their understanding with others because their unique perspective may help someone else gain a better understanding. I will be finishing my reading up in the next month or so, but I will begin again, because now that I have gained a new perspective, I need to go back and re-view it with my new eyes. I encourage you all to do the same.

godsdivas said...

I think this is a very good ideal especially if we are going to have bible study with it. I wont promise but I will try my best to keep up. :'(

Kim said...

I accept this challenge. I am working on reading the Bible all the way through and this will keep me on track. God bless you!

Matthew Milam II said...

The above comments are from a previous challenge and as you can see, the idea does generate excitement. I hope this time around, those of you who do accept will find just as rewarding.


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